Welcome to the ‘Environmental Preparedness & Resilience Empowering People’ (EPREP) Citizen Science Project

This project is being developed to enable communities to better understand their air quality.

What is EPREP?

Environmental Preparedness & Resilience Empowering People is a resource based on a low cost passive sampling platform including a common wristband and a stationary sampler. These samplers can be used to evaluate air quality and your personal environmental exposures. See our page on Passive Sampling Devices to learn more about how these samplers work.

EPREP will provide training and data sharing portals for communities and individuals to learn how to:


Environmental disasters are uncontrolled/unintentional releases of hazardous chemicals that could cause harm to human or environmental health. Many communities are concerned about their air quality before, during, and after an environmental disaster. Putting a concrete number on air quality (e.g. specific chemicals and their concentrations) and empowering communities to sample before, during and after a disaster can create resilient communities.

How can I get involved?

Sign up here (coming soon!) to learn about:

  • On-line training
  • Obtaining samplers (wristband and/or stationary air samplers)
  • Enrolling in upcoming studies
  • Data collection