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Citizen scientists can participate by obtaining samples, or by designing cages to hold the passive sampling material. You can see the cage used by EPREP scientists (right), as well as this lower-cost prototype (right). Click here for step-by-step instructions. Citizen scientists can design and upload schematics for their proposed air sampling cages by following these guidelines:

  • Design comfortably holds 3 strips of sampling material (sampling material can be doubled over)
    • Sampling material dimensions = 1” wide, 36” long
  • Design protects the sampling material from direct sunlight and rain/snow
  • Design includes built in ventilation (i.e. cannot be a tight box that inhibits air flow)
  • Design can be easily strapped to a pole or drilled to a tree/fence post


Above: Do it yourself stationary sampler built by EPREP citizen scientists

Above: Stationary sampler used by Oregon State University researchers